• # Caribbean Art Stories

    Inaugural Gallery OCA Initiative
  • The stories of Caribbean artists form an important contribution to the art world: past, present and future. #CaribbeanArtStories is the inaugural Gallery OCA initiative that amplifies the voices and artwork of Caribbean artists, capturing and showcasing their inspiring works, and telling the personal stories of their life journey.


    It is important that these stories are told and kept alive, not forgotten. So is the context of Gallery OCA, says founder Sherece Rainford “our stories connect us to our roots and to each other, acting as a bridge between our pasts and the future.” 


    #CaribbeanArtStories is the first of many initiatives that will promote key artists born and raised in the Caribbean. It will tell their life stories: exploring ancestry, childhood, life as an artist, history, creative inspiration, passions, challenges, and hopes for the future. 


    Each month Gallery OCA will be profiling one artist on the homepage, and this month the featured artist is Raneece Buddan from Jamaica.

  • Raneece Buddan

    Raneece Buddan

    the Importance of Caribbean Art Stories 

    "Our story is unique to us and the world has yet to experience our art in a medium other than our music. Within the art scene the same stories are constantly being told, so there is room for new experiences and perspectives. There are vibrant cultures on each island that have the commonality of being built as a result of colonization and the mixing of people of different races and ethnicities. When put in the same room, no matter the country we will always feel like a family, like we are one because of our shared experiences and quite often the same upbringing. This is a story that deserves to be told and heard."