The Importance of Caribbean Art Stories


"The art in each island is as rich and diverse as the people throughout the region and much of the artwork is as powerful and relevant as the art from any other part of the world. From the discovered remains of the indigenous people who inhabited these islands centuries ago to the absolutely intuitive expressions of our self taught artists, added to those who received training at home and abroad, there is a richness to the art of the Caribbean and the stories need to be told."

Neville Legall is a Barbadian artist currently based in St. Thomas, Barbados. Legall’s works in oil and watercolour capture the essence of Caribbean island life and culture, its opulent light and radiant colours. His work explores the shapes, colours and textures of the rural landscape, its rugged hills and village scenes.


In 1987, Legall participated in the Detroit Jazz Centre Artistic Exchange Programme under the tutelage of Harold Neal, and his work was shown in the Third Havana Biennial in 1989. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Barbados, and his works have been exhibited in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Cuba. Legall currently serves as the President of the Barbados Arts Council.




2014  3 Decades - A Celebration (Celebrating 30 years in the Barbados Arts Council), Barbados 

2010  TREASURES, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2002  Opulent Light, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados 

1999  Opulent Rhythms, Verandah Gallery, Barbados

1991  REFLECTIONS, Barbados Arts Council, Boston, USA 




2020  Group Show featuring the Barbados Arts Council Ministry of Culture, Sky Mall, Barbados

2019  Voices of The FisheriesNational Library Service, Barbados

2019  All Bajan Group Show, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2018  Simply Barbados Group Show, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2017  Carifesta X111, Barbados

2017  Our Heritage, Group Exhibition, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2017  BAC Celebrating 60, Group Show, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2013  Tribute to the land, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2013  D.N.A. of an artist (with Denzil Mann and Rasheed Boodhoo), The Gallery of Caribbean Art, Barbados 

2011  Bajan Vibes, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2010  Expo China, China

2010  Awepo Gallery, Barbados 

2010  Reflections (with Denzil Mann), Gallery of Caribbean Art, Barbados

2007  Boundaries Unlimited, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2007  Barbados On The Water Festival, Toronto, Canada

2006  Vivid Vibes (with Ron Lucas), Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2006  Barbados 40 "Expressions," New York, USA

2006  Generations 3, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami, USA

2005  Rustic Rhythms (with Carolina Kontec), Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2004  Six Artists, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2004  Speightstown: The Essence of St. Peter, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2003  Legall, Lynton, Manns at Barbados Art Council, Barbados

2003  Three Brush Strokes, Gallery of Caribbean Art, Barbados

2003  (Re)View, Queen's Park Gallery, Barbados 

2003  Visions of Bridgetown: The Artists' View, Pelican Art Gallery, Barbados

2001  Queen's Park Gallery

2001  The Kirby Gallery, Barbados 

2001  Verandah Art Gallery, Barbados

2001  The Connection, North Carolina, USA

1989  Third Havana Biennial, Cuba                                  

1987  Ford Auditorium, Detroit, USA


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