• Gallery OCA is an online gallery and movement committed to elevating Caribbean art stories globally. The gallery’s mission is to challenge the lack of representation in the art world, preserve the historic legacy of the islands and commercially empower the sector.


    Its founder, Sherece Rainford is a British-Jamaican whose love of her Caribbean heritage and connection to her roots weaves its thread throughout the gallery, founded in 2020.  Acutely aware of the lack of presence of Caribbean art in the art world she felt called to create a platform that would both uplift the Caribbean art niche from a social and commercial standpoint and educate the wider industry and stakeholders, thereby highlighting our shared human experience through the artists' narratives.


    "Our stories connect us to our roots and to each other, acting as a bridge between our pasts and the future. I want to ensure that the unique and precious stories told through the art are preserved along with the wealth of history - so it will not be lost for future generations."

    "Caribbean art is enriching the entire world, not only through the beauty of the art pieces but also through the essence of each piece; through this art - so long overlooked by the wider sector, we connect with the shared humanity of which we are all a part.

    Ultimately five years from now my wish is to see an art sector which is truly egalitarian in its representation; giving equal meaning to the next generation of Caribbean artists, with sufficient resources to pursue careers in the same space and thrive. Commerce aside, I am delighted to be unearthing and sharing the untold stories of this rich culture, past, present and future and in doing so, reminding us that beyond the difference of our outward appearance we are not dissimilar at all. Such is the power of art. "

    • Founder, Sherece Rainford


      Sherece Rainford
    • Gallery Manager, Sharon Simpson

      Gallery Manager

      Sharon Simpson
    • Gallery Assistant, Jemma Whitehouse

      Gallery Assistant

      Jemma Whitehouse