The Importance of Caribbean Art Stories


It is important to share Caribbean art stories to show the world how diverse a people we are in art. Our artistic talent and creative product is among the best in the world. It shows how colonialism has impacted our art and hence history is always shown in our art. It also shows ancestral and spiritual information.

Hilroy Bulgin is a Jamaican artist currently based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Working in acrylic on canvas or board, Bulgin uses a signature colourful dot style to portray emotional scenes of everyday life, and explore traditions and perceptions of beauty.


In 2017, Bulgin had a solo exhibition at the Round Hill Hotel & Villas, and his work has been shown at The Montego Bay Fine Arts Festival, Liguanea Art Festival and the Mandeville Art Fair. Bulgin's work has been collected by various patrons in Europe, North America, South America, India and the Caribbean.



2019  Sangsters International Airport, Jamaica
2019  The Montego Bay Fine Art Festival, Jamaica
2019  Potters Fair Art Show, Jamaica
2019  Chamber of Commerce Fundraising Event, Jamaica
2018  The Montego Bay Fine Art Festival, Jamaica
2018  The Roman Catholic Art Fair, Jamaica
2017  Round Hill Hotel & Villas, Jamaica
2017  Liguanea Art Festival, Jamaica
2008  The Roman Catholic Art Fair, Jamaica
2007  Potters Fair Art Show, Jamaica



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